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Fromtofor is an all-in-one cloud-based software solution for professionals.

Our innovative and unique software provides the professionals with an opportunity to be more organized, productive,
accessible and have more free time to do what they have been trained to do.

Our professional solution has combined various services to address challenges the professionals and their clients face,
as well as lowering their business costs.


We offer an all-in-one cloud-based solution which includes the following products:

– professional directory which has all Canadian professionals listed to facilitate their online presence
– website builder which is connected to their directory profile
– CRM and practice management software to manage their business
– easy instant messaging with the clients
– online appointment booking
– job posting and recruiting online
– professional document automation tools
– professional accounting tools
– and many more unique features


On the other hand, the clients can enjoy free account which provides them with
the following features:

– free, unlimited, and permanent account
– easy access to all professionals
– instant messaging system to chat to the professionals in real time
– creating and completing their profile once and sharing them with professionals as many times as they want
– online appointment booking
– online secure payment
– signing documents online
– storing their documents in one place and having access them anytime
– having access to all of the above features on their phone by downloading our applications

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Our Team

Co-founder Finance & Accounting Manager LexToDoc Project Manager

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Co-Founder Marketing & Business Development Manager Azzbe

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Co-Founder & CEO DenToDoc Project Manager - Dentodoc website

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